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  • Fastvue Syslog (2016-10-31)

    • Fixed issue with paging, sorting and searching of the Files and Archives tables
  • Fastvue Syslog (2016-10-06)

    • Added syslog forwarding option to each source.
    • Fixed issue where changing global log/archive paths would not cause data to write to the new paths.
    • Log files are no longer written before the initial setup is completed.
    • Minor UI updates and fixes.
  • Fastvue Syslog (2016-02-15)

    • Fixed nullref in globalstats API when a source exists without any statistics.
    • Files and Archives tables now have pagination, searching and sorting.
    • Decreased column chart padding between series.
    • Fixed sorting by size and date in Archives table.
    • Deleting or moving logs will now cause syslog server to remove the file entry and subtract the statistics.
    • Archive on/off state did not save properly - fixed.
    • Editing an existing source no longer causes js console errors, breaking the UI until refresh.
    • Stats API now correctly uses per-date size info when building date stats array.
    • Per source 'size' stats now show archive size and log size.
    • Archived log entries now have their per-date compressed size statistics approximated based on the total original size of the log file and the original sizes of the data for each date.
    • Approximated archive log sizes are stored in a new archiveSize field on date entries in log entries.
    • Adjusted statistics APIs to use the archiveSize field for date entries on archived logs.
    • AJAX call will now detect an undefined return (indicating you are not logged in) and will refresh the page, which will redirect to login screen if required.
    • Added render function for displaying Global Settings
  • Fastvue Syslog (2016-01-28)

    • Enabling/disabling auto-discover mode dynamically shows 'Add Syslog Source' or 'Edit Listening Ports' options.
    • Combined Messages p/day and Size p/day statistics charts. Now uses a toggle switch
    • Changed messages/sec display to a number instead of a gauge.
    • Redesigned the 'Edit Listening Ports' UI.
    • Editing listening ports now validates for integers and non-blanks (prevents 0 from becoming a monitored port)
    • Improved the display of syslog sources with long host names.
    • Fixed width of the per-source statistics on large displays.
    • Changed Global Statistics chart colors.
    • Saving a source no longer duplicates it when in auto-discover mode.
    • Auto-discover now searches for ((IP || HOST) && PORT) when looking for an existing source.
    • Improved debug logging for authentication issues.
    • Various minor UI bug fixes. 
  • Fastvue Syslog (2015-12-19)

    • Added initial configuration page.
    • Added auto-discovery configuration.
    • Added authentication options.
    • Fixed log/archive paths defaulting to null, resulting in files being written to root.
    • Authentication and auto-discovery systems will not function until the initial configuration is completed.
    • Syslog server installer now adds firewall exceptions during install.
    • Syslog statistics are now purged; After 1 day for 15m average msg/sec. After 31 days for daily message count.
  • Syslog Server (2015-05-19)

    • Syslog server no longer terminates when a new source is detected, or when any exception is thrown in the check process.
  • Fastvue Syslog (2015-05-12)

    • Implemented archiving feature. Logs are now archived to another folder and compressed when they reach a user-specified age (default 30 days).
    • Statistics for archives are also now being collected, and basic UI added. 
    • Archived log metadata now stores the size of the logs both compressed and uncompressed.
    • Added UI for editing listening ports.
    • Added UI for configuring global settings.
    • Added port field to syslog source editor.
    • Added back button the source view page. 
    • Relaxed settings commit frequency to 5 minutes.
    • Diagnostic log level now defaults to Notice, can be adjusted through the LogLevel property in Settings.json.
    • Autoscrolling now only occurs on small displays.
    • Clicking back in the source viewer will now scroll back to the top of the page.
    • Settings and data commit routines now write to a separate file to avoid corruption and data loss during commit events.
  • Fastvue Syslog (2015-05-01)

    • Added global statistics and UI.
    • Added gauges for messages/sec display to global and source stats.
    • JSON parser can now be set to use UTC or local time.
    • Now uses local time in JSON.
    • Messages per second statistic now resets to 0.
  • Fastvue Syslog (2015-04-28)

    • Syslog server now collects meta data about logs, including message counts, dates and log sizes per log file and per date.
    • Added to UI: Total Log Size, Average Daily Log Size, Log Size per Day.
    • Fixed installer terminating service unnecessarily.
  • Fastvue Syslog (2015-04-22)

    • Removed .log from sha256 filenames.
    • UI now hides .sha256 files, and instead attaches an additional link titled "SHA256" to logs that have a .sha256 file available.
    • Basic source statistics are now collected and stored.
    • Added charts displaying messages per day and average messages per second.
    • Server toggle on/off button now refreshes properly.

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